Professional Supervision:                   1hr consultation                   $110

Nicci is a qualified supervisor, specializing in allied health private practice settings.

(PGC.PS Post grad Certificate - Professional Supervision.  NZQA level 8, Ara Institute - Social Work Work & Counselling Department. Registered Supervisor with Workplace Support & New Zealand).

"Supervision" offers a mechanism of support for the development & maintenance of well-being for the professional self. 

Confidential sessions lead by you can include debriefing, clinical support and/or business mentoring to aid stress relief and/or coaching to support professional relationships, accountability, goal setting, motivation, and resiliency within your practice

Traditionally used as part of professional development for practitioners in healthcare settings.  Increasingly this type of coaching is being used in wider professional settings to support to maintain a sustainable and satisfying career & work-life balance.

The Supervision location can be tailored to meet your needs:


Online options


Face to face appointments at either your workplace, or my clinic room.

Please feel welcome to book a free 15 min confidential chat via ph or in person to discuss your requirements or Contact: for more info

For more info on supervision see:

Understanding supervision


Our working lives are a big part of our holistic well being. As humans were are wired to achieve, contribute, connect, belong and evolve.

Weather you are a new grad or seasoned professional, the ability to debrief, bounce ideas, problem solve, set goals and continue to grow helps you stay positive and refreshed for the long term sustainability and enjoyment of your chosen career.


Disruptions to this flow can lead to overwhelm, dissatisfaction, stress, disengagement, and/or contribute to mental health & wellbeing concerns


Undertaking "Supervision" is simply checking in on a regular basis with a caring professional who over time can becomes your personal career support person.

​As a practitioner, former health sciences & clinical placement teacher I bring many years of experience working one on one with clients & students in healthcare and multi-disciplinary settings.

Just as is in Traditional Chinese Medicine, my supervision style is aimed holistically to help you to reflect on how you can support maintaining your own balance, ease, productivity and growth within your working life.


Confidential sessions are lead by you and information does not leave the room. Support can include debriefing, integrating learning, task management, treatment planning, as well as  management of  team & client relationships.  


Sessions can also include mentoring and coaching to push growth for professional development, accountability, goal setting, and motivation.

Traditionally supervision has been offered as debriefing and support for workers in front line healthcare settings.


In this case your supervision could be used to obtain PD hours, and/or may be funded through workplace contracts.

In some workplaces supervision maybe a contractual requirement to maintain registration and/or may be requested to manage performance &/or professional development.

Regardless of the reasons for undertaking supervision the reporting and therapeutic relationship remains confidential.  Supervision is about you and your support.

I am finding more and more that Supervision is useful in all career settings. Therefore anyone who would like to know more is welcome to contact me to see if it may be useful to you or your team.

Finding the right supervisor is a very personal process. It is important that we can build rapport and trust over time. Please email for more information, or feel welcome to book a free 15 min confidential chat to see if I am the right person for you.

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